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Some question about the FBW in my Community: Flight Safety by Roberto Milán


All in side of (...) is my answers of the question!!!

( In case of:) “On the A320, there was a mechanical backup system”. (- I have some friends that fly this Aircraft and told me that is almost impossible in Flight Simulator land this aircraft with Safety on Runway and they usually told me that in case of REAL Conditions is Impossible to do it, Just a super Pilot with very much luck.)
(In this case of:) “Firstly, what happens if all flight computer systems fail? Can the pilots still provide input to the hydraulic systems? Are the electrical signals still transmitted simply without the computer monitoring?” (- I don`t fly this Aircraft, But, usually I get information that all Flight Control System is with Electrical Source, So if the Aircraft that has three parallel source, one as the principal and two as back cup; if all electrical source is missing, the aircraft will be out of control, but as I said, I never see the aircraft manual, this information I got by the my friends Pilots that flying this Aircraft.)
(I would like to say that the FBW has a Problem with Magnetic Inductance and the sub-systems of the Aircraft that use the FBW with Electrical Source get the same Problem.)
(In this case of:) “Secondly, if there is complete electrical failure (including all backups), however the engines are still running. Can they still be controlled? If so, I understand this would allow the pilot basic pitch control, but what would (s)he do about yaw/banking? Do the hydraulics work off of the engines or do they require electrics?” (- Is the same case as before answered!)
(In this case of:)”Thirdly, as above except with the engines offline. How would pitch/yaw/banking be controlled? (I understand that an answer for yaw/banking may be dependant on the answer to number two).” ( - I repeat the same thing that before and inform the FADEC that command the Aircraft Engine. )
(In this case of :)
(In this case of :) The questions above stem from my main issue with the fly by wire system, which I never see someone answer directly. I see everywhere that the hydraulics can work even during electrical failure. But is this with/without backup power (Batteries and RAT)? If there is a complete loss of electrics (again all backups lost), even if the hydraulics work, how can an electrical signal be sent from the flight controls in the cockpit to the hydraulic systems? (– I must to inform that the Magnetic Inductance cross all interior of the any Aircraft and can due to the high power of it source “THE THUNDERBOLT” and it event can cause a break of the wire or electrical conductor, just because the power of the electrical inductance is so big as the it source (THE THUNDERBOLT) is powered.)

(In this case of:)”And finally, if there is a complete failure, how would the pilot fly the aircraft without electrics and hydraulics? Does a 767, which is not fly by wire require hydraulics? Or can it be flown without them (anyone who has seen Freefall - Flight 174, a true story, will know what I am aiming for here). The pilot managed to glide the aircraft with, as far as I am aware, no hydraulics or power what so ever (until the RAT kicked in after a certain amount of time although he did manage it without anything for quite a while). Is this possible in an Airbus A330-40 without the above mentioned systems or dead stick I should say? Even without the RAT the 767 was gliding quite well, would an Airbus?

I do apologise for the long windedness of the questions but I have spent hours researching it and cannot find anything that even comes close to answering my questions.

Any help very much appreciated, thanks in advance.”

(-I just want to say that the System used from the Boeing 767 already show to everybody that it worked very well.)
All in side of () is my answers of the question!!!

Roberto Milán

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I was flying and just come here today as I said...
Roberto Milán

I was flying and just come here today as I said...that I will be back on Monday, and today I am here!!!
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