quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2009

About the Air France Air Crash I think that:

About the Air France Air Crash I think that it has a Great possibility that the Aircraft loss the Air control due to a Magnetic Inductance caused for a great flash of lightning that passed close or touch in the Aircraft, but it is just a possibility, the law of the magnetic Inductance show for us that it is completely possible.
The Aircraft that is using the system FBW is not protect from the magnetic inductance caused for a great flash of lightning, it is a fact. Faraday cage protect the Aircraft just against the Electrical charge, but no against the Magnetic Inductance caused for a great flash of lightning that it will create a great Electrical Charge in the wires inside or the Aircraft and it will break the wire, and all this System FBW will stop and if the Aircraft has parallel System FBW, all can be stop and the Aircraft will lost all control including the FADEC System too…
It is what I think About this Air Crash, but is clear that never will be the official Cause…Never they will find the CVR and FDR, Never we will know where is this CVR and FDR, this is the law of the more stronger, the people that just wants money, just it…

For them, Flight Safety is joke…

Roberto Milán

quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

"BACS" (Bird Anti-Collision System)

This is a very simple System and very efficient to protect the Aircrafts and their Passenger against birds strikes: Let’s go to see how this invent works:
Considering that when somebody or some animal come to intercept us and we want to alert it, in principle, we make some kind of noise and this interception is avoided; The principle of the BACS is exactly the same, but, it used radios frequencies or the same Microwave like is used in Metrologic Aircraft Radar.
Let`s go to consider a Ordinary Metrologic Aircraft Radar project to detect metrological layer or (rain or snow) precipitation during the flight. This equipment turn on the transmission equipment that send radio Frequency with High Power, this radio frequency sending no take more than a microsecond, But, in the case of the BACS, it is twice more powerful than the Ordinary Metrologic Aircraft Radar, with start Power of 200W and it use this frequency to remove of the Aircraft track the birds, however, different of the Radar, the BACS doesn`t turn off the transmission equipment to turn on the receptor equipment to receive the returning frequencies from the target, just because in case of the BACS, it just have the transmission equipment. The radios waves travel in Light speed, about 300.000km/s, this conclusion, send us to observe that the BACS will alert the bird about the Aircraft with time enough to get out of Aircraft track and avoiding a bird strike, due to the BACS Antenna every time will be adjusted to transmit the radios frequencies in the Aircraft successive trajectory, so every time the Aircraft will be passing for a Clear bird Track.
UHF frequencies from X000 until 1X000MHz will be used; The transmission equipment gives radiofrequencies or microwaves like inputs electromagnetic modulated in high power that is sending in direction of the target ( or in front of Aircraft successive trajectory); During the propagation to the air, the electromagnetic radio frequency goes on in form of cone until reaching the target that will be compelling to get out in front of the Aircraft successive trajectory, because the power will be more stronger in the center of the arc electromagnetic radio transmission than in the periphery of this Arc Electromagnetic radio transmission.
It will be used radiofrequencies (MHz-million of Hertz until hundreds of million); so, we can see that the BACS just will send electromagnetic radio transmission in front of the Aircraft successive trajectory to remove the birds with the radios frequencies more appropriated for the birds that is flying in the season of the year that the Aircraft is flying over this specific local, but, it will have a electromagnetic radio or microwave frequency ordinary for all kind of Birds Around All World. All these frequencies will be published in the Aerodrome Approaching Cards, Departure Cards and Area Cards, etc…

The BACS will be:
System 1 or “S-1” and System 2 or “S2”.
The System 1 or “S-1” - The Crew will select the appropriated frequency in the BACS´s console in accord with frequencies published for this overfly area by the Aircraft in the season of the year that it is happening and the Birds that is flying at that time in this local overfly will be removed of the Aircraft route.
The System 2 or “S-2” - This system will be connecting with the “S-1”; A navigation equipment type: GPS, OMEGA, INERCIAL, etc… that will get select automatically the appropriated frequency in the console in accord with the overfly are by the Aircraft and the season of the year that it is happened and the Birds that is flying in this local overfly will be removed of the Aircraft route. In this case will be necessary that the software of this equipment be updated, consequently the Birds that is flying at that time in this local overfly will be removed of the Aircraft route. But, it could be select the appropriated frequency like it is select in the “S-1”

Roberto Milán

Casamento conforme à Bíblia:

Publiquei no dia 14/07/2009, “Acho oportuna como a mensagem cristã do mês!”.
Ontem foi o Aniversário de meu Casamento com Minha Linda e Amada Lauren Milán, que tanto orgulho tenho de ela usar o meu Nome Milán como dela e só posso agradecer a Deus e cumprir junto com ela o que está escrito No Novo Testamento em Efésio Cap 5, Vesc.22 até o final.
Que todos aqueles que tenham uma Esposa Amada,linda,Mãe, como eu tenho esta felicidade de ter sido escolhido para ter uma vida harmônica e feliz em família como eu com a Graça de Deus.
Treze Anos ontem fez que sou um Pai de Família com a Graça de Deus por ter feito eu me apaixonar por Lauren e ela por mim.
Estou muito feliz e gostaria de “Dividir” esta felicidade com todos.

Roberto Milán

sábado, 25 de julho de 2009

A Falta da Aplicação da RMAP continua MATANDO...

“Acidente de avião mata 17 no Irã
Um avião de passageiros caiu na cidade de Mashad, no nordeste do Irã, nesta sexta-feira (24), deixando pelo menos 17 mortos e 19 feridos.
A informação é da agência de notícias estatal Irna, citando o governador adjunto da província de Jorasan, Ghahreman Rashid.
O avião, que vinha da capital, Teerã, pegou fogo durante o pouso no aeroporto da cidade. Os sobreviventes já foram retirados da aeronave, segundo as autoridades. Havia 153 pessoas a bordo, segundo fontes do aeroporto.”
detalhes: http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Mundo/0,,MUL1241746-5602,00-ACIDENTE+DE+AVIAO+MATA+NO+IRA.html

Tudo indica que é mais um caso de uma aeronave que varou a Pista, o que evidencia a Imediata implantação da RMAP, Infelizmente mais 17 pessoas morreram por falta da Aplicação da RMAP.

Minha Parte tenho feito, quando as autoridades farão a parte que lhes cabe?

Roberto Milán

sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Frota de Airbus Widebody Mundial Pode e DEVE Parar.

"Airbus is expected to face calls to ground its worldwide fleet of long-range airliners tomorrow when French accident investigators issue their first account of what caused Air France Flight 447 to crash off Brazil on June 1.

It is believed that the accident bureau will report that stormy weather was a factor but faulty speed data and electronics were the main problem in the disaster that killed 228 people.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is likely to be asked why it had never taken action to remedy trouble that was well known with the Airbus 330 and 340 series. Nearly 1,000 of the aircraft are flying and until AF447, no passenger had been killed in one.

“EASA has a legal and moral obligation to get to the bottom of this problem now. If there is a defective system and the aircraft is unsafe then it should be grounded,” said James

Healy-Pratt of Stewarts Law in London. The firm, which specialises in aviation, is representing the families of 20 of the victims of flight 447.
Only 11 bodies of the 50 recovered from the Atlantic have been identified. They include Captain Marc Dubois, 58, who is believed to have been resting when his two co-pilots lost control of the aircraft in a storm. The search for bodies has been called off but ships continue to hunt for the black boxes although their locator beacons are assumed to have expired.

Suspicion over the air data systems on the Airbus 330 and 340 series has increased after the disclosure that the aircraft had experienced 36 episodes similar to the one that brought Flight 447 down as it flew from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.
Airbus first reported problems with the speed sensors — known as pitot tubes — in 1994, it emerged this week. The company advised remedies, but no mandatory action was taken.

Last weekend, the US National Transportation Safety Board, began looking into two incidents in which Airbus A330s flying from the US suffered critical episodes apparently similar to that of AF447.

This raises the prospect of a possible US order on modifications to the Airbus.

The first US incident occurred on May 21 when a TAM Airlines flight from Miami to Sao Paulo, Brazil, lost primary speed and altitude information while in cruise flight. The other was on a Northwest Airlines flight, on June 23, from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

Accounts on the internet from the pilots report a desperate struggle to keep the jet in the air.

The fate of Flight 447 would probably have remained an eternal mystery had the aircraft not automatically transmitted data back to the Air France maintenance base.

In the final four minutes, they told a story that was familiar to the airline. Ice particles or water had blocked the three pitot tubes. This upset the air data computers which in turn caused the automatic pilot to disconnect. The pilots would have had to fly manually in near-impossible conditions.


Gostaria que fosse dada Especial Atenção o que está em negrito na Matéria ACIMA!

Eu enviei para o Sindicato de Pilotos dos US,Associação Internacional dos Pilotos, a FAA, NTSB,FAA,EASA,ANAC e as Autoridades da Aviação Civil do Brasil sobre o Problema da Indutância Magnética gerada pelo Raio e acredito que todas as aeronaves FBW estão sob observação, e nisto se os Americanos tivessem indo contra a Airbus(COMO ALGUNS DIZEM), estariam indo contra o B-777,Seria um tiro no PÉ... A verdade é que todos os Aviadores responsáveis estão tomando atitudes responsáveis e como na America o Sindicato é dos PILOTOS é natural que eles possam falar, é uma Questão de responsabilidade e não de Pessoas que foram julgadas comandantes de certas Cias para Defenderem as suas necessidades econômicas e não de SEGURANÇA DE VÔO, é só isto, Infelizmente temos um Sindicato de Aeromoças (SINDICATO NACIONAL DOS AERONAUTAS) e não de Pilotos, quem representa os Pilotos é Uma Aeromoça, este é o Fato, Infelizmente com um Piloto que é Chefe de Segurança de Vôo que não tem tido atitudes que respeite os Direitos dos Aeronautas de serem pelo menos informados das Situações Criticas sobre a Segurança de Vôo como é o Caso da Aplicação da RMAP, Indutância Eletromagnética sobre o Sistema FLY BY WIRE e a Aplicação do BACS. Completamente Submisso aos Interesses alheios à Segurança de Vôo.

Voltamos sempre ao mesmo ponto:

O que é mais importante a Segurança de Vôo e ou Vidas Humanas ou Sistema FBW Falido em decorrência dos Grandes Arrogantes Engenheiros Aeronáuticos terem Esquecido dos Fundamentos Básicos da Indutância Eletromagnética.
Agora querem forçar a barra fazendo todos ficarem voando verdadeiras Roletas Russas.
Fico contente que a censura ainda não tenha apagado as coisas aqui.

Roberto Milán

Mensagem Cristã do Mês Encontramos...

Conforme é o costume do Blog, a Mensagem Cristã do mês encontramos em:
1º Coríntios, Cap 13, Vesc. 13; Onde Paulo afirma que o AMOR é o maior entre a Fé,Esperança e Amor.
Roberto Milán