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Somebody opined about the Cause of TAM Air Crash!

Somebory opined about the Cause of TAM Air Crash!

I don't agree with you.
In my analysis, i think the cause of this accident was a crew error and a software gap.
The crew was unable to correct set the thrust position in the last landing, if you see the fdr graphs you clearly see that they (the crew) set the correct position 2 landings before, but in this last one the thrust remain in CLB position.
They were in ATS mode until the touchdown, normally, when the aircraft touchs the ground, the ATS is disable so the crew can reverse the thrust, but for this happens, the thrusts levers must be at 0º position. In the accident, with the lever of the engine nº2 in CLB position, the computer didn't disable the ATS and when the crew start the reverse, the ATS that still enable understand that they need more thrust to maintain the selected speed and it accelerated the engine that was in position CLB. If you see in the FDR charts you can see that the EPR of this engine was the same EPR in their last take off. It occours in 1.27s, until the engine nº1 initiate the reverse, at this point the ATS was turned off, but the thrust in the engine nº2 maintained the high EPR that the ATS left causing the acceleration of the aircraft. Because of this, i think that there's a software gap in the ATS, gap that's already notice by airbus and the only thing that the airbus did was to make an warning to operators to remember to check the position of the thrust levers in this situation of one reversor off.
This aircraft land in smallers airport than congonhas, it was certified to do this after a long period of flight test and evaluations.

Somebory opined about the Cause of TAM Air Crash!

The correct procedure is touch down, bring the two levers to 0° then reverse then. In the accident situation, the correct procedure is bring back the two levers, then reverse the normal engine, the crew did this twice before the crash, in the last one they unfortunately forgot to do this. In this condition, the pilot flying (PF) land the aircraft, the pilot not flying (PNF) bring back the levers, then the PF start the reverse in the normal engine. Maybe in this time, the PNF was unable to bring back the lever, due to distract or any other reason, so when the PF started the reverse, nobody in the cockpit was able to identify that the thrust was in the wrong position, since the PF only concern was reverse the normal engine.

Flight Safety by Roberto Milán Answers!

Is very ease say this, they are dead!

Is very ease say this, they are dead!Every air crash was because of the no RMAP applying had this solution, but if the RMAP existed when the TAM Air crash happened the Crew just started the missing approaching procedure and the Air crash didn`t happen. It is so simple.

The no RMAP Applying was the TAM Air crash Cause.(But,THAT TIME; RMAP didn`t EXIST)

Thanks, for your opinion.

Roberto Milán.

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