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White Hole Complement Theory of the Physical Polish Nicodem Poplawski

White Hole Complement Theory of the Physical Polish Nicodem Poplawski

                     I must inform you that I am extremely grateful to God for having made the Polish Physical, sir Nicodem Poplawski for inventing this extraordinary theory on the White Hole, I humbly believe have collaborated to complete it in this Article.

                       Important information to be informed in order to facilitate this  complement.
                       Dilation of Time: The closer the speed of light.
                       Space is flexible, as well as space / time.
                       The Twist of matter warps (deforms) the space / time.
                       Horizon of Success - outer limit of the black hole - point of no return.
                       Heart Black Hole, the point where the force of gravity is infinite with infinite density and also this is a singularity in the Universe.

                        Introduction and discrimination of the Complement of White Hole Theory .

                        The infinite gravity inside the black hole due to the twist of the matter be so intense twists  the space / time with a violent pressure that does not allow the matter to fall in just one point, then the matter may disappear soon after the confluence of the Hole Black and White Hole due to the force opposed to gravitational force.
                        As can be seen in the Black Hole Heart  the Gravity Force is infinite and immediately with the reversal of  the twist of all the material that was in the Black Hole Heart because of the beginning of what would be the White Hole Heart as a result of infinite strength anti-twist generating a infinite White Hole of anti-gravity  causing a gamma ray and plasma blast so bright range as the birth of a New Star, where the colors are gradually restored until they clear the equivalent in White Hole to Success Horizon  of the Black Hole, where the gravity force back to normal, as well as the  space / time.
                        Literally the whole process occurred in the black hole, since the passage by Success horizon to the Black Hole Heart is reversed when passing by the confluence between this Heart Black Hole and the equivalent White Hole Heart continuing this process until it reaches the equivalent to the Horizon of success of the White Hole.
                        This implies that being (X), the Black Hole and (-X) Hole White, everything becomes   (NULL)  zero at the end of the WHOLE process, then it all comes back to what it was before, everything!
                        So: What makes the matter that enters  in the black hole get out in the Hole White as the matter entered  in the Black Hole?
                        Answer: The Infinite Anti-twist strength inside of White Hole that generates the infinite Anti Gravity strength, as well as the strength of twist  and strength of Gravity are endless in the Black Hole. All this distorts the space / time.

                        Meet the White Hole Theory Scientist Polish Nicodem Poplawski the video to Link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NTpFlU4dY8   and   https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=468444089879486&id=194542953951575 

{{{{{  Unfortunately the hackers That working to who does not want that my Complement of White Hole Theory of Physical Polish Nicodem Poplawski be publish, do not allow me to get the video of the Physical Polish theory in English and I can not even get the link of  the  youtube or the link of the  Discovery Channel  about this subject. For these reason, I ask you readers to click on the video on the Facebook Page of sir Nicodem Poplawski  that is in Spanish! These are some of the limits to me by those who do not want the truth of science, but God is always the biggest and always wins!!! }}}}}

QUESTION:  Who decipher that information will come out in the Hole White, or rather someone decipher what was written on the paper that he, the physicist, wrote and put in the supposed black hole (a blender that crunched the paper as would happen on a much larger scale in terms pressure due to the force of gravity and  force of twist inside the black hole, making the pieces become plasma).

ANSWER:  It's SIMPLE !!!  Who will be in the point of White Hole equivalent of Horizon of Success in the Black Hole, will read EXACTLY  what the physicist WROTE in the paper and put it in the Black Hole. Thus, we can say that What was placed in Black Hole will get out of the White Hole EXACTLY as  it was placed in the Black Hole as shown in the following formula:

X + (- X) = 0

Where (X) is equal to the whole process occurred within the Black Hole.
Where (- X) is equal to the whole process occurred within the White Hole.
Where (0) is the "result" null.


                        But the space / time CHANGED in this PROCESS  Black Hole / White Hole?

                        Considering all the Physical Laws involved, this  PROCESS opens  TERMS to TRAVEL  in  the  space / time !!!


About chaos theory, I report what I wrote for hackers friends of freedom and science that has helped me  to stay writing on the Internet, taking me from the isolation imposed by the Brazilian authorities, so, see as follows below.

                        Unfortunately, the Brazilian State and the English State did not help me (on the contrary, They are (and were)  difficulting so much my life ) to prove that chaos theory is not based on practice as proof experimentation published by Discovery Channel in a University in England through a BBC documentary which in turn disappeared with the documentary on the Internet, Site Discovery, BBC website, etc ... to give you an idea of the persecution that I suffered to get such images, when I went to UFSM (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) and managed to speak with a teacher (University Professor) had advised students who did a study in graduate on chaos theory, simply,  University Professor was delighted with my Complement the White Hole Theory and when we were looking for more information on the Internet,...  first, the people began to intervene us, calling the Professor for a supposed meeting that the Professor demonstrate ignoring this schedule, so they continued to insist, calling him, but, the Professor showed much interest in helping me, he gave preference to our research on the internet, then the hackers who do not like the development of science acted literally erasing all the screen of the Professor Computer, I asked to him if that had happened before I went there and the Professor scared answered no, I said goodbye and not been back there.
Now I ask:
What Why can harm me in my research?
                        I managed to make a small-scale machine that mixed and reversed the mixture of clear fluid with five columns with different colors (as explained hackers friends below), however, was only able to mix a little and then return the columns to their original positions ; It is necessary to achieve the correct density of the fluid and for that, I need money to build the equipment that would support such pressure (at the time, who do not like science did not leave I got a job and worse, shortly thereafter they tried to put me in a hospital to crazy people, but God did not allow it happened ) to move the fluid. But the important thing is that there is already such equipment at a University in England and unfortunately the BBC, Discovery Channel, etc ... put an end to that documentary. ( If any one get this documentary, please, send it to me by my e-mail robertomrmilan@hotmail.com or robertomelorodriguezmilan@gmail.com )

                        Now follows the information given sometime ago to the hackers friends of Liberty and Science.

                        {{{{{{{ I have a theory about what comes out after the black hole on the theory of a Physical Polish sir Nicodem Poplawski actually, I Am developing a complement of the theory of the physical, but need a video of the Chaos theory that I saw in the Descovery  Channel in a program presented by Mister Fridman, but this documentary is gone, since I was in the UFSM and the University Professor saw what I was saying made sense, so he started to help me ,Computers that he took a look, got out of service and he got afraid with what happened and I asked to him: This happen always? He answered with a lot of afraid in his face !!! Never happened !!! What I am seeking is a video that appeared on the BBC Documentary showed by Mister Fridman Program on Discovery Channel about Chaos theory that a machine has the ability to mix a certain fluid compound, colorless (color of pure water)with density similar to that of a heavy oil, where there were five or six vertical columns within this fluid with different colors (red, blue, yellow, can not remember the colors) the container was made of glass or something and should contain some 30 liters of fluid, columns of colors were symmetrical to an axis that had a kind of propeller at the bottom (been a great blender. below this tank with fluid had a crank that was twisted six times clockwise to rotate the propeller to mix the fluid completely until got a cream color. So, then the crank twisted again six times in the opposite direction and everything is back to what it was before, each color in your exact column. what does this have to do with the theory of Caus?
 This proves that all can come back exactly as it was before, but depends on factors such as pressure, density, etc ... many other discoveries of the Great  Albert ... Those discoveries collaborate to him that went out across the black hole (and the exit was called by physical as Polish White Hole) 
As it comes out? (The paper where the scientist wrote) That was the question of the Polish scientist and I answer based on physical laws, but I can not say without this video of the machine that told to you and I would love that you were able to help me!
All that I need to publish this article is that video, I made a similar machine, I had a good result, up to two shaft turns the propeller I could return with two laps contrary the different colors of columns to their seats, but did not get the density necessary, the ink is very expensive and my equipment was plastic and was not hard enough, my idea was to make a video with this my machine, to prove the failure of the chaos theory.
Soon after,They tried to put me in the mental hospital!
Why they prevented me that this could be proved?
Simple, I would have more credibility!
I cease to be a fool!
Soon after, tried to put me in the mental hospital!
Remember the worm paths que the BIG Albert spoke ???
It has to do with it my discovery!
Literally the black hole destroys everything and Hole White rebuilds!
Now as it happens within the physical rules, I have to have this video to publish my article!}}}}}}}}

                        Long ago I discovered this complement of the White Hole Theory, waited all this time hoping to get the video that proves the disagreement between Chaos Theory and the Practice.  
                        I can not contact the Physical Nicodem Poplawski , please do get to him this Article Link: http: //robertomrmilan.blogspot.com.br/2014/10/complemento-da-teoria-do-buraco-branco.html

                        On my Twitter, when I try to send Twitters, I get this information (This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can not complete this action right now. Please try again later.) in my facebook happens something similar when having to communicate (send messages) to someone. However I get the messages both on Twitter and Facebook for that reason if they want to communicate with me, send emails to me in robertomrmilan@hotmail.com and robertomelorodriguezmilan@gmail.com.

                        Ladies and gentlemen readers of my writings, thank you for your attention and understanding.

                        Santa Maria, October 18, 2014.

                        Roberto Milán.

{{{{{ Today my wife did not get to speak to me in my cell phone, she received information that I would have locked her phone number .

They are isolating me now to my family, but I will not give up !!!

This article about my Complement of White Hole Theory of Physical Polish Nicodem Poplawski was defaced by hackers who work for me ridicule, have to republish the article to be compared with what was disfigured and so the truth be contemplated


Complemento da Teoria do Buraco Branco do Físico Polonês Nicodem Popalvisk .


As can be seen the next Link would to connect the reader to the video of explanation of White Hole Theory of Physical Polish Nicodem Poplawski, BUT, This Link conect the reader to another place !!!

These are only part of the censorship that I Am submitted all the time by those who do not want truths are spoken by me !

Conheça a Teoria do Buraco Branco do cientista Polonês Nicodem Popalvisk no vídeo no Link; www.youtube.com/watch?V=GKzKTurA_3U&feature=retated  aos 32´00" começa a explicação da Teoria do Físico Polonês que acaba com a pergunta que eu descrevo-a e respondo-a a seguir:
""" }}}}}

Thank you for your attention and understanding!

Santa Maria, January 6, 2015

Roberto Milán

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