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If It Does not have Eletrical Energy! It DOESN`T have FLY BY WIRE OR FLIGHT BY WIRE! IT IS A FACT!!!
Usually the people forgot that a very big electrical source transient makes a VERY BIG and Violent Magnetic Field Perpendicular the Direction of the Electrical Source ( The rule of the left hand ); This magnetic variation, the Faraday Cage can not contain it and any electric conductor inside of this Magnetic Field, it will get a Electro-Magnetic Inductance similar what happen in the static magnetic field inside of a electrical Generator, This is the base of the Generator functioning; Therefor it is correct, that have account about people reached by a thunderbolt and got grave wound or they died and the people very close of them, just got their necklace and bracelet melted; It remember us about a bobbin, that a very big Magnetic Field, cut it and make a Big Source beyond of it limits; The Source generated is very Stronger and Very Quick (Instantaneous Big Source) It is So Big, that MELT the METAL.

Where is the isolated of the Magnetic field generated by a Thunderbolt?
Who knows about a filter to contain the Magnetic Field Generated by a Thunderbolt?
Where are the Engineers, The Authorities, the guardian of the knowledge locker to answer for us this question?

I Am waiting for this answers!

Roberto Milán

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