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OPERATION RESTRICTION OF AIRBUS AIRCRAFT that is in it OPERATION MANUAL, THAT it Shows to us the INNOCENCE of the AVIATORS in the TAM Air Crash in Congonhas Airport, Brazil.

Link of this article: http://robertomrmilan.blogspot.com.br/2015/01/operation-restriction-of-airbus.html


“V Commitment for Full-stop Landing
Landing incidents and accidents clearly demonstrate that after the thrust reversers
have been deployed (even at reverse idle), the landing must be completed to a full
stop, as a successful go-around may not be possible.
The following occurrences have resulted in a significantly reduced rate of climb or in
departure from controlled flight:
• Thrust asymmetry resulting from asymmetrical engine spool up (i.e., asymmetrical
engine acceleration characteristics from a ground idle level);
• Thrust asymmetry resulting from one thrust reverser going to the stow position
faster than the other one; and,
• Severe thrust asymmetry resulting from one thrust reverser failing to re-stow.


As you can see, the missing approaching procedure is impossible now a day in the Airbus Aircraft and Boeing Aircraft between another's Aircrafts; What we can affirm, that it is necessary to be apply Urgently the RMAP And after do it, no more Aircraft with this kind of Operation Restrictions will be permitted to Fly.

Roberto Milán

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