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Come to Google+ where I can communicate with you! Venha para o Google + onde eu posso me comunicar com você!

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This is what appears on my screen when I try to send a Twitter to someone!
You think it's censorship?

Show everyone you know!

Help me to show what really is Twitter!

So does my Facebook!

For this reason there is advertising everywhere from Facebook and Twitter!

Already on Google+ I have freedom!

Google + has no advertising at all TV networks!

Come to Google+ where I can communicate with you!

If you do not like to be Censored course!

Roberto Milán.

Este pedido se parece com pedidos automatizados. Para proteger nossos usuários contra spam e outras atividades maliciosas, nós não podemos completar essa ação agora. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde.
Isso é o que aparece na minha tela quando tento mandar um Twitter para alguém! 
Você acha que é censura? 
Por quê?

Mostre a todos que você conhece!

Ajude-me a mostrar o que realmente é o Twitter!

O mesmo acontece com o meu Facebook!

Por essa razão existe propaganda em todo lugar do Facebook e do Twitter!

Já no Google + eu tenho liberdade!

O Google + não tem propaganda em todas as redes de TVs!

Venha para o Google + onde eu posso me comunicar com você!

Se Você não gosta de ser Censurado é claro!

Roberto Milán.

NOW see these videos ( and additional information )  about the connection between my statments !!! 


  ((((((( Please, use TRANSLATERS SITES!



  (((((((“Meu País” o livro. Link; livrosderobertomilan.blogspot.com)))))))

  Explanation about RMAP, The True Cause of the crash of TAM, that
  Brazilian Air Authorities are Censoring;Version in English.




  Interview in TV Record about RMAP application Version in English.



  Link of Previous Article:http://robertomrmilan.blogspot.com.br/2014/11/karl-marx-was-wrong-capitalists-do-not.html


Please, just think about what are in these Links http://atribunaderobertomilan.blogspot.com.br/(A Tribuna de Roberto Milán) ; http://robertomrmilan.blogspot.com.br/ (Flight Safety by Roberto Milán); http://livrosderobertomilan.blogspot.com/;(Livros De Roberto Milán)

SO, please READ the following THINKS!

-->Karl Marx was wrong, because is not the CAPITAL the responsible for the INEGUALITY between the people, BUT, the Judiciary Power that in all Countries NEVER was ELECTED by the people, always the MEMBERS of the COURTS were VESTED by the rich families around the world. -->Read it in the comments of this article link http://atribunaderobertomilan.blogspot.com.br/2014/10/os-pilares-da-maior-fraude-eleitoral-da.html --> It is written in English.

SO, PLEASE, SHOW this THOUGHTS to your friends so SMARTS than YOU.

The Brazilian Authorities put me out of academic world due to my thinks be differents of the corrupt world that we live.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Roberto Milán

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Pai de família Cristão disse...

If you are thinking that got contact with me by Phone! You are wrong! You got contact with another person using my Phone Number!
(((((((Please, see the commentaries of all Article Published in my Blogs!
Por favor, veja todos os comentários de todos artigos publicados em meus Blogs)))))))

Link of this Article: http://atribunaderobertomilan.blogspot.com.br/2014/08/if-you-are-thinking-that-got-contact.html

If you are thinking that got contact with me by Phone! You are wrong! You got contact with another person using my Phone Number!
Someone called to my Phone number 00555581070671 yesterday at 20:51 from the Phone number 24981828920 and spook with some one that was not I for 03:56 minutes, I got this information this afternoon when I checked my cellular equipment, I repeat, I did not speak with any one that called me by the phone number 24981828920, I tried to get contact with this person, but I did not get contact.
Brazilian Authorities are isolated me, I do not get contact by Phone, Post Office, Facebook (I cannot receive or send message, get friends etc…) Twitter (I sent twitter, but I do know with it arrive in destination) My Blogs is not get comments from another people and from myself.
So, if you want to get contact with me, come to my home, my address is Rua Barão do Triunfo, Número 1715, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.
I Am working in a store called Central Sul Inox, I Am there during the working time from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.
Please, if you like of Freedown, show to everybody the link of my Book “Meu País” “My Country”, livrosderobertomilan.blogspot.com.
I repeat!
If you want a safety contact with me, came here at my home!
My Hotmail is robertomrmilan@hotmail.com, robertomelorodriguezmilan@gmail.com; but is not safety that you’re a-mail will get my inboxes e-mails.
Thank for your attention and comprehension!
Santa Maria, 07/august/2014
Roberto Milán.

Roberto Milán disse...

NOW the Google + ARE doing the same then the Facebook and Twitter!

See what the Google + are doing!


See the e-mail that I Sent to Transparency Internacional.

This post violates our policies; it's visible only to you

Roberto Milán
Shared publicly - 12:04 AM

I sent this e-mail to Transparency Internacional!

Please, show it to every one that you know!

Thank you.

Roberto Milán

Roberto Milán disse...

From: robertomrmilan@hotmail.com
To: fikawa-witte@transparency.org; aprigioperossi@hotmail.com; anonbrpt@anonymousbrasil.com; robertomrmilan@gmail.com; robertomrmilan@hotmail.com; robertomelorodriguezmilan@gmail.com; presidencia@cnj.jus.br; rgrandis@prsp.mpf.gov.br; anistia_internacional_brasil@mail.vresp.com; sct@amnesty.org.uk; ryan.gallagher@theintercept.com; activism@amnesty.org.uk; aimember@aiusa.org; info@es.amnesty.org; newswatch@bbc.co.uk; emb.brasilia@maec.es; lluzzi@observador.com.uy; fwoj@uol.com.br; redacaopiaui@revistapiaui.com.br; redacao@sonoticias.com.br; sct@webmail.amnesty.org.uk; editora-asa@asaventura.com.br; redacao@jornalpequeno.com.br; redaccion@elpais.com; paula_nass@discoverybrasil.com; ngos37@yahoo.co.uk; nils.fayaud@airbus.com; luiz.genro@gmail.com
Subject: My Name is Roberto Milán, I need to know if really the Transparency Internacional get seriously the information that we send to the Transparency Internacional, I told it due to, I can prove that Internacional Amnesty is a Ong that does not work against t
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 01:57:17 +0000

My Name is Roberto Milán, I need to know if really the Transparency Internacional get seriously the information that we send to the Transparency Internacional, I told it due to, I can prove that Internacional Amnesty is a Ong that does not work against the bigest Corruption of the bigest Corporetion like Boeing, Airbus, etc... I can Prove it!
But if you want to see by your self, please see these Links:

KARL MARX was WRONG...!!! THE Capitalists do not want that you know about this !!!

Come to Google+ where I can communicate with you! Venha para o Google + onde eu posso me comunicar com você!



"My Country" Meu País, is the book that the Publishers are not autorized by Brazilian Authorities to publish it!
Why the International Amnesty does not publish about the Crimes against the humanity that the Brazilian Authorities did to me and my family? My sister in law was tortured and dead, I showed the documantation to International Amnesty FROM Brazil, USA, Spain. UK, But, they are protection the Corporation from the USA, UK, UE, Brazil etc..., And I ask to you Transparency Internacional:


Roberto Milán disse...



The Biggest Corporations pay your bills? If the Biggest corporation do not pay your bills, SO show to the world these Information, DENUNCIATION!


ARE YOU REALLY Believing in the BBB [( INITIAL LETTER of the WORDs in Portuguese Language ) that means BEM or BASTANTE (Very, a lot of ); BOM (Good ) and BARATO ( Cheap )]

In short WORDS, do you believe in competition, where the best is who wins using the same rules for ALL ? Or you believe in the world, where the rules are made according to the need of the hour for the richest people be the winner and for this purpose the richest people uses the Judiciary Power that nowhere or Country in the World, its Members or Judges of their Courts are elected by the richest people and rather are imposed by the richest families in the World, Never are (or Were) electing by the Ordinary People ( by the Population of the country )?

What Republica concept to you?
The three branches: Legislative, Judicial and Executive have their ARISING People (MEMBERS) Powers Direct Elections by the Population?
The Corrupts remain FREE, because the Judiciary Power is not Independent, the Judiciary Power is composed by the Executive Power branches and the Legislative Power branches, THEN THE REPUBLIC has not the three POWERS INDEPENDENT BETWEEN them, WORSE! The CITIZENS HAVE NOT direct ACCESS to JUDGES, only the Lawyers and Prosecutors has access to the Judges and the Lawyers and Prosecutors to become MEMBERS of the COURTS, NEVER denounce the criminals, that always SETTING these Lawyers and these Prosecutors in the Judiciary Power Courts as the Members or Judges of Judiciary Power Courts, ONCE AGAIN, the Judiciary Power attacks the Republic with Special Forum or Forum Qualified, then the Republic no longer equal, all are unequal according to the law.

Then, the Judiciary Power in the worldwide is the Shield of Cliclo Corruption which will end ONLY when the Judiciary Power Members or Judges of Judiciary Power be independent elected by the Population and NOT by Powerful Corrupt People!

Modern Republic since its deployment in France is a Fraud!

The Judiciary always remained in the hands of wealthiest families in worldwide!

Ask for Transparency International again!

Do you really want the end of corruption or just use corruption to stay alive, to have subject for your NGO?

If you ( Transparency International ) want! Just show to the worldwide that I have spent to make you and all people in worldwide fly safely!

I can show to you all the evidence that informed them before about crimes against humanity committed against me and my family through my email robertomrmilan@hotmail.com; robertomelorodriguezmilan@gmail.com.

I hope that you are not as the NGOs and people that i informed to you before!

The people that denounce the Corruption must to be honest, I am! And, are you honest? Or you will be in SILENCE like the BBS Television, CNN, GLOBO, etc... NGOs Like the INTERNACIONAL AMNESTY in Brazil, Spain, UK, USA, Uruguay, etc... Human Rights Watch (HRW)

This will be publish in my Blog!

Thanks for listening and understanding.

Roberto Milán

Roberto Milán disse...

In my @robertomrmilan you will see!!!

If WILL NO be reaching debris!!!



Happened Again MH 370 and / OR AF447 http://robertomrmilan.blogspot.com.br/2014/04/the-fly-by-wire-aircraft-automation.html Show it to every one!!!


Please, Show it as soon as possible to every one!!!

Thank you for help me to save lives!!!

Roberto Milán