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AA Flight 587! The “LARGEST SABOTAGE” in the History of the World Civil Aviation!

The USA have done and are doing everything they could to prevent the True Cause of the accident with the aircraft A 300 - 600 of American Air Lines Flight 587 that killed 265 people on November 12, 2001 at 09:16 hours in the vicinity NY will be known throughout the civilized  world.                     

Only Discovery Channel has published three different documentaries with three different causes of the accident and, the Discovery Channel was supported technically by a member of the NTSB, which would be in aviation in the USA the equivalent of our CENIPA in Brazil.                     

Investigator in charge of the accident was Mr. Bob Berson.                     

Notice that the first Discovery Channel Documentary (supported by the NTSB) stated that the heavy aircraft type from AA Flight 587 would have fallen as a result of wake turbulence from another aircraft type heavy that took off moments before the AA Flight 587 aircraft. NOW, we from Flight Safety by Roberto Milán PROVE  that the AA Flight 587 aircraft  was victim of the LARGEST SABOTAGE in the history of world civil aviation that killed 260 people aboard and (5) five people who were on the ground.
è  Readers, if this were true, the aircraft's AA Flight 587 would not have lost the Vertical Stabilizer and the two motors in the extension of its flight path to crash site of the fuselage and wings of the aircraft  A 300-600 from American Airlines Lines Flight 587.
è  Readers, when an aircraft drops because of wake turbulence at low speed, the aircraft falls whole, with nothing removed it from its structure, it has not happened with the aircraft's AA Flight 587.
      NOW observe the causes reported by the Discovery Channel (supported by the NTSB) in its Second Documentary about the causes of the AA Flight 587 crash:
·         That the aircraft rolled on its vertical axis and therefore, their engines would have been ejected from their cradles (place where the engines were fixed in the wing) by centrifugal force.
è If this had happened, the aircraft would fall on its own shadow (which did not happen) and yet, the engine would have been ejected by centrifugal force away from the path of flight of the aircraft, which did not happen.
·         That the First Office Moli would have used total deflection in the course of the pedals that control the rudder of the aircraft and therefore, the Vertical Stabilizer would have been torn from the fuselage of the AA Flight 587 aircraft's crashed.
è If the aircraft has been approved by Aviation Authority without the equipment that limits the deflection of the rudder as according to SPEED increase or decrease, this would be a failure too GRAVE of Aviation Authority that approved the aircraft A 300-600 in the USA, but as far as is known, the aircraft A 300 – 600 the restricting device has worked with correct amplitude of the rudder as the speed of the aircraft independent of the course of the pedals are fully flexed as other aircraft jet, thereby respecting the maneuvering speed (highest speed to be used, when is full deflection of the flight control surfaces). The video on Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" , which shows the deflections of the Rudder Pedals Command of Direction were inside of their limits and Deflection Rudder Surface were inside of their limits too , shows that the limiting magnitude of the deflection of the rudder was functioning normally and that the deflection of the rudder NEVER Director exceeded his limits. It can be seen between the times of 09:15:47 to 09:16:01 in the video "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" .
è The Main flight control surface on an aircraft is the rudder, especially in an aircraft MULTIENGINE, such as the A 300 - 600, since precisely this flight control surface which ensures to keep the flatness of the wings and the course in case of loss of one or more engines of an aircraft multiengine. Evidently the pilot did not have time to take action in a pleasant situation like this and in the case of AA Flight 587 aircraft, the aircraft  A 300-600 was two engines ejected from their cradles (place where the engines were fixed in the wing), of course the First Office Moli, had to take attitudes with rapid partial courses of the commands Pedals Rudder Steering thus avoiding the aircraft rolled on its longitudinal axis, keeping the aircraft in the course of flight with wings level and as the aircraft was at normal speed, considering that the aircraft was very heavy and soon after takeoff in terms of jet aircraft, probably the course of the steering direction was within the limitation of its deflection, typically working with can be seen in the Youtube Video Titled: "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001 "  ; Consequently, the First Office Moli worked properly and how he died, the NTSB has placed him as the bull to piranha (The First Office Moli was consider Guilty by accident, which in reality he was a victim  of a Sabotage) and no association or union of pilots across the word defended him.
è The Rudder is the Main Flight Command Direction Surface of an aircraft because, the Aileron is inefficient at low speeds as probably the First Office Moli operated the aircraft too heavy after takeoff with an engine ejected (left engine), when the Vertical Stabilizer was ejected and after it, the other engine was ejected too.
è It is very clear disservice to the Flight Safety practiced by the NTSB, represented by Mr. Bob Berson.     

Now observe the causes reported by the Discovery Channel (supported by the NTSB) in its Third and Last Known Documentary about the causes of the crash of AA Flight 587: 
·         All about the Second Documentary of Discovery Channel remained just that, but  in this Documentary, did not talk more about the MOTORS ejected who fell in the PATH of the aircraft A 300-600 AA Flight 587 and worse, increased the Guilt of the accident to the First Office Moli.
è  Well, now hopefully the Discovery Channel and the NTSB represented by Mr. Bob Berson, responsible for the accident investigator AA 587 Air Crash answer the (10) ten following questions with answers that do not match the our answers to questions posed by the Flight Safety by Robert Milán!
1st  - The A 300-600 (AA Flight 587 aircraft) has no way of limiting deflection of the rudder from low to high speed, independent of the course deflection in the pedals that control the rudder deflection?
OUR ANSWER: Every Jet Aircraft must to have a Limiting Rudder Deflection! The  A 300-600 ( AA Flight 587 aircraft ) had a limiting deflection of the rudder from low to high speed, independent of the course deflection in the pedals that control the rudder deflection, as can be seen in the video on Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" .
2nd - The A 300-600 (AA Flight 587 aircraft) was approved by the FAA, JAA, ANAC and other aviation authorities without complying with the tests with full deflection of the rudder and other surfaces Command to set the speed of maneuver?
OUR ANSWER: It is supposed that yes!
3rd - What terrible forces as stated by the Discovery Channel Documentary PLUCKED OUT the ENGINES from their cradles (place where the engines were fixed in the wing)  let the engines fall in the PATH of the A 300-600 (AA Flight 587 aircraft) to the location where the fuselage and the wings fell?
OUR RESPONSE: THRUST force, aerodynamic forces and gravity FORCE!
4th - What is the Main Command Flight Surface of an aircraft?
5th - Why the Aileron are not efficient at low speed?
OUR ANSWER: They are on the wing tip where the loss (the stall) is launched!
6th - What is the Surface Command should be used to maintain the course and the wings level flight at low speed?
7th - Any pilot can imagine doing slow movements on the pedals Command steering direction of an aircraft at speeds close to stall speed (Stall) or within the speed turbulence in flight turbulent to maintain the course of flight and the wings level?
OUR ANSWER: Only if the pilot could combine with atmospheric untempers for them to be calm!
8th - How can an aircraft, quote, The A 300-600 is flying, even with the aeronautical authorities are aware that the aircraft has Stabilizer Vertical undersized to withstand the aerodynamic forces resulting from the total or partial deflection of the rudder, even in low speed (SPEED DOWN THE SPEED turbulence)?
OUR RESPONSE: Aeronautical Authorities serve to CORRUPT PURPOSES!
9th - How to prevent an aircraft multiengine role in its longitudinal axis and maintain its course (Bow) with the loss of one or more engines on takeoff without quickly pushing partially or totally the pedal Command steering direction opposite to (s ) Motor (s) lost (s)?
OUR ANSWER: It is impossible to prevent an aircraft role in its longitudinal axis and maintain its course (Bow) with the loss of one or more engines on takeoff without so QUICK pushing the pedal fully or partially RUDDER command in opposite direction Motor (s) lost (s)! We hope the representative of the NTSB Mr. Bob Berson teach us this feat, better, show us how! As the Discovery Channel is so close to the lies of the NTSB, the Discovery Channel will certainly not be missing this endeavor!
10th – The A 300-600 (AA Flight 587 aircraft) was flying at a speed above the Turbulence speed and RUDDER  left the limits of its range for the speed at the aircraft was flying?
OUR RESPONSE; The aircraft of AA Flight 587 was always within the limits of structural speeds, as well as the Surface Command did not come out of pre-established limits!   


The A 300-600 (AA Flight  587 aircraft) collided in Queens in New York, day November 12, 2001 at 09:16:15 killing 260 people aboard and five people on the ground, after taking off from JFK Airport, in moment of impact with the ground, the aircraft A 300 - 600 (aircraft of AA Flight  587) was without two engines and without the Vertical Stabilizer and, the story of the accident after the start of the abnormalities is as follows, according to the physics and aeronautical laws can explaining and, the Flight Safety by Robert Milán is publishing!.          

As the A 300 - 600 (AA Flight  587 aircraft) was very heavy and soon after takeoff, the aircraft was still accelerating slow and consequently, was at normal speed (239 kt, the speed is well below the speed turbulence) for a jet aircraft loaded, which makes clear, no force could tear discrepant engines, however, if the engines were deliberately set in their cribs (place where the engines were fixed in the wing)  improperly and, when increase the airspeed due to the thrust be increasing by the power of the engines, the aerodynamic forces increase too, so the resultant of those force, is the draw of the catastrophe just waiting for its moment, so it happened!     
If we analyze the sequence of events after the aircraft reaches a speed of 239 Kt, we observe that it seems that a sudden turn to the left on the vertical axis of the aircraft (as the video on Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001 " after a noise as an impact (Sound of a thump) increased an increased resistance to the advance on the left wing of the aircraft at the beginning, the corrective actions the First Office Moli were mild, it can be seen in small initial turn to the left around its vertical axis just before the First Office Moli took action to correct the yaw, it is clear that the corrections were increased to the extent that the left engine was gradually shifted from its cradle, increasing its resistance to progress while the thrust of this engine pushes the left wing down to the left engine was ejected from the aircraft, then there was a twist of the largest aircraft on its vertical axis in the opposite direction as a result of a more forceful correction REQUIRED First Office Moli to prevent the aircraft rolled on its longitudinal axis and with it the right engine that was also probably not properly secured in its cradle and / or Vertical Stabilizer which probably also was not properly installed in the fuselage of the aircraft.   

If the stabilizer was ejected after the aircraft's left engine, the result of his ejection, was a force against the vertical axis of the aircraft that catapulted the right engine of the aircraft, thus, the fuselage and the wings fall together in spiral movement (screw) to the left. Note that the Lateral Accel has not left much of the shaft, except when already at 59 seconds (09:15:59 hours) he pushed the pedal right to the edge of the pedal, in this, the aircraft is already entering anticlockwise screw (left), clearly showing that the First Office Moli was very PROFESSIONAL, until his DEATH! As we see in the video on Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" The turbulence was MILD, as reported by the Captain in the Video Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" The First Office Moli in principle, made corrections by the Aileron surface  and only immediately after the first impact noise with a "Sound of a thump," [probably in the initial displacement of the left engine from its cradle (place where the engines were fixed in the wing)] First Office  Moli took action strongest on the pedals that control the rudder, but as it is showing in the Video on Youtube titled "Crash of AA Flight 587 on November 12, 2001" Link:, NEVER, the deflection limits of the rudder were extrapolated!


It is evident that the aircraft was deliberately SABOTAGED!

It is evident that the NTSB was deliberately colluded in the preparation of a whole GUILT STORY against the First Office Moli, in order to prevent the world's population noticing that one or a lot of people were sabotaged an AMERICAN AIRCRAFT IN AMERICAN SOIL shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

It is clear that Americans deliberately put the Guilt of an accident (which was NOT an accident, but a SABOTAGE) in an American was honored that his work with skill and professionalism that besides being a victim of mass murder, was the victim of his compatriots Anti-Flight Safety.

It is evident that the NTSB takes into account political arrogant American criminals to the detriment of Flight Safety, National Security, and American Security Professionals and, the Innocents American Citizen pay very high salaries to these bulky criminals’ transvestites as American Aviation Authorities.

It is evident that the American Professional's main criminals, not those who sabotaged and killed innocent Americans, but especially the Americans to CRIMINAL Protected the MASSACRE of 265 people, human beings and even blamed an AMERICAN WORKER very professional victim who lost his life by people who do not fear God, and we hope that our Father May God have in your hands the souls of the victims of this barbarism in particular, the First Office Moli, who fought to PROFESSIONALLY Death to save his life and the lives of your passengers!

Please show this publication to everyone you know!

Right now, I appreciate your attention and understanding.

Robert Milán.            

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Pai de família Cristão disse...

This happened after I publish this document in Portuguese about the crash of AA Flight 587 aircraft.
This translation is being by Google
Tried to kill me because I showed and proved by Physical and aviation LAWS, the AA 587 was sabotaged!
I must inform you that shortly after (exactly 3 minutes after) I publish this document titled "AA Flight 587! SABOTAGE THE LARGEST of the History of Civil Aviation World "(Publication Immediately prior to this, link:) A" supposed "Lieutenant FREITAS of Santa Maria Air Base called the store (where you work the technician who was repairing my Netbook daughter and where I published the document mentioned above) who provided the cell phone 55 9996 6888 to call the store owner, calling him by name, was surprised to learn that the store had another person working and after that, no longer being arrogant.
I called the phone (55) 99966888 from my phone (55) 8107 0671 (which is censored and no one can call me other than my family and I can not call anyone other than the known number by censors), course I knew the call would not be complete, but was ... However, a lady answered and confirmed that the phone number was hers, soon came to the conclusion that only the phone store, the link would be completed for the "supposed" Lieutenant FREITAS of the S-2 of the Santa Maria Air Base.
I'm still telling you that, once again tried to kill me (from my daughter of 11 years, my wife etc ... aboard my car or not), CUT the right rear tire of my car, leaving only a canvas to break the tire when I was with a speed exceeding 40km / h, and have amaçado the driver's door in order to get in my car just after the publication of the document that revealed that AA587 had been sabotaged.
I must also inform that I am a Christian and as a Christian, if I kill my boddy I will kill my soul too, so, I will not be saved, so if some one find me dead and appear some recording with my voice suggesting that I killed myself, is LIE, (I'm very happy for everything that God has given me), I was MURDERED! Very CAUTION can edit audio or something, implying that I committed suicide ...
I'm publishing this information, because my right to justice was taken by the judiciary, Judge Bortoluzzi, went to the Public Ministry, gives me no constitutional right to have an advocate or ombudsman as a complementary law the BINDING proceed as applica him a lawyer and / or a Public Defender, since prosecutors are protecting those who have tried on my life (my daughter of 11 years, my wife etc ... aboard my car or not) often varies.
I have an internet connection in my house that only connects the Net when they want, this is our judiciary to punish the Weak to Protect Criminals!
Aviators, if I turned up dead, please STOP Brazil to the Brazilian people know WHY my struggle, my DEATH!
Aviators, if I disappear for over a month, STOP Brazil to the Brazilian people to know WHY my disappearance!
Aviators, my life is in God's hand through the Power of UNION of you!
Brazilian aviators do not believe in the union, much less the Brazilian Judiciary, see what is happening to me!
Aviators do not forget what I'm doing for the Safety of Flight! Do not forget me!
Please show this article to everyone they know!
Link this Article in English:
Roberto Milan

June 6, 2012 23:57

Pai de família Cristão disse...

See this article: Use the Google translater:

Thank you.

Roberto Milán

Pai de família Cristão disse...

Please, see this!



ASk sent to a USA SENATOR!

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(USA)Senator Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Please, help me! I Am victim of Human right violation :

The people against the Flight Safety are trying to kill me and my family, but I never will give up to protect the people that are flying around the world, in Brazil, in the USA.

I Am a Christian and I have a lot of afraid of our God, so, I prefer die than did not do What i need to do to save lives around the World, but, if you can help me top save lives, help me please!

I need you help!

The USA Innocent people need your help.

I do not work, like the Farm Vice President Al Gore show to everybody in his Documentary Inconvenient True, I Already was punished in Public Square to make me stop to tell to everybody about the True Cause of TAM Air Crash, Air France Air Crash, how we can do to avoid to get a Air Crash like the US Air that Ditching on the River in NY, and Now I Discovered the True Cause of the Crash of AA 587.

Senator Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, you have the same age than my mother, and I believe that you want to protect your Country National Security, so, Help me to Protect people around the world like your fellow citizen, help me to protect the citizen of my Country Brazil.

My official mail box is unsafely, the Brazilian Government is avoid that I receive Call from not to know phone number, the same thing are happing with all my communication, they are doing everything to isolate-me!

I believe in a Capitalist world, were the people that work better and more, get more money without comet any Crime against the human right. I do not believe in Corruption and the most of the people believe in this Capitalist World too !

Please, again, Help me.

My wife is a Federal Public Staff and we are living with her salary, but they are trying to make her lost her Job

They do not allow me to get a job even to get my human right to get a Justice.

The Lawyers are prohibit to work for me!

The human right Ongs do not do anything for me!

This is my live and the live of my family due to I am protecting a lot of people around the world!

I do not need Money, I Just need Justice!

But, God is Protecting me, I Am very happy due it!

Thank you for be my follower in the twitter.

God Bless you and your family!

I Will waiting for your help!

Roberto Milán

Pai de família Cristão disse...

Readers, I do not get, or messages (SMS) or voice messaging by Mobile Phone, mail or even by the Brazilian Post Office, (I'm literally ISOLATED by the Brazilian Government to any person outside my living), much less get calls from numbers phone alien to the Brazilian Government, which is isolating me from the world against my will.
If your desire to have direct contact with me, come to my house that is located in Santa Maria City, in this address:Rua Barão do Triunfo Nº. 1715,Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Thanks for your attempts to contact me!

Roberto Milan

Pai de família Cristão disse...

Facebook is taking out my publications from my wall, was first; AA Flight 587! The "LARGEST SABOTAGE" in the History of the Civil Aviation World! Http://
After this was, O Paralelo e seus Pilares (The Parallel Empire PILARES).http :/ / and if you put my name Roberto Milán, inde Facebook search you will not find my page on Facebook.
Facebook defends the interests of the Empire Parallel.
Note the document sent to the Senator of USA.
Google doesn`t do this sort of thing.
Google does not work for the Empire as the Parallel Facebook!
Roberto Milan

Pai de família Cristão disse...

A Twitter Parallel Conversation!

Rick Tatham ‏@Rick8320
@RMAPTAM I flew the A300 for 9 years...interesting viewpoint but factually incorrect!

Roberto Milán ‏@RMAPTAM
@Rick8320 Mister Rick Tatham, I Am realy waiting for your 10 Answers! Thank for your attention. Roberto Milán

Rick Tatham ‏@Rick8320
@RMAPTAM I would also not get involved with conspiracy theories either. Been flying a very long time. Will look at your questions againy

Ok! So, Please do not forget that our fellow GOOD PROFESSIONAL PILOT is dead NOW! And "the people that do not want the Truth", want to get out from readers, MY credibility, so, Mister Moli will continue as the unique guilty of the supposed AA 587 air crash. Do not forget, "You would be the next Mister Moli" IF, you are realy a Profissional Pilot, help me to protect our fellow GOOD PROFESSIONAL PILOT.
I am victim with my family due to, I am showing to everybody that the Pilots around the would are being victim of this Parallel Empire, see this link:
I realy hope that you are a fellow GOOD PROFESSIONAL PILOT.
Please help me to show my discorveries to all fellow GOOD PROFESSIONAL PILOT around the would.
Thank you for your attention!
I have Air Lines Pilot Licence in Europe and in Brazil.
Now the People that do not Want that Truth be showed to the Pilots, put me out of the Civil Aviation System.
Roberto Milán.

Pai de família Cristão disse...

This is the real world.

The truth can not be disclosed!
My Twitter account was ....
Your account (@ RMAPTAM) Currently is suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.https :/ / /
Please disclose to de WORLD how the Parallel Empire DO to the world does not know how, The Empire Parallel KILLS a lot of People around the world!

Help me save lives!

They do not want Americans to know the truth of AA Flight 587!

Thank you for ALL!

Roberto Milan

Pai de família Cristão disse...

The facebook is not allowing me to accept the requests of friendships from a lot of people and I can not make requests of friendships to a lot of people too, as well. I can not send messages, including to the Brazilian partner co-founder of Facebook, Mr. Eduardo Saverin, to whom I owe thanks, for, after sending messages to him, Facebook has no more blame me (CENSURE ME), but now, even for him (Mr. Eduardo Saverin) I can not send messages.
This is how the Parallel Empire dominates our world, isolating the PEOPLE who do not follow the Parallel Empire!
Censorship against me in banning Facebook until I accept imposition of the Parallel Empire, but, I never will accept it!!!
Please help me to spread that Facebook is doing against the most basic human rights such as the right, the right to get a new FRIENDSHIP ...

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Roberto Milan