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Captain XXXXXX, I hope that you be fine, here the things are going , Thanks God. I `m send this e-mail to you in the hope to pass for you this idea that I had to improve the safety of the Brazilian and world aviation if more people believes in this subject that I´m showing to you. We must to believe that everything works because physics laws allow it. For the planes fly , it needs the same principles, so a lot of limits were done, like: V1,V2,Vr,Vapp,FAP,MDA,DA,MORA Etc...But never I saw in any one aeronautical publication a technical limit where the captain would have the security to star the missing approach over the runway, going on with safe length runway to increase the speed from low speed to high speed ( 80 ) until reaching rotation speed and the captain will be feeling safe that the aircraft will be free of the obstacle around the airport. This point I called RMAP.(Runway Missing Approach Point)
As you can see in the document that I sent to FAA as replay of my question to it. I put in focus the case of the aircraft with different mass and to avoid any problem with this reference will be very ease to solve . The idea would be to put in the signer the letter for that aircraft category more the number 1,2,3, etc... What it will be the same letter of that aircraft category more the meter of the difference. Each number, we will read hundred of meters, in a others words (C 1), we read - aircraft category C more 100 meter .Therefore the bigger aircraft certified for that airport will need more runway to speed up , what will get short, the runway; But for the other aircraft the runway will be more length and this small aircraft will get the reference the signer more conservative for that aircraft category. In others words: the letter with out any number. For exemplify: Imagine that a B-747 be the bigger aircraft for a C letter and the B-737 be the aircraft that is landing, the reference of the B-747 would be the C letter Signer with out number and the reference of the B-737 would be the C letter Signer with the number.
I would like , if be possible you and your operational dispatch look at my idea and you will see this idea working to make better aviation safety and better performance of the aircraft on the runway of Congonhas Airport. In other words, more profit to the air company.
Please, pay attention in this follows documents to you see that every thing that I said has logic.
Some part of this documents I will send to other people, but, for the guarantee, that the idea will be develop I won`t say to anybody who is help me and you will be safety.
Trust me , it is safety and profit
Thanks for you attention and comprehension.
Roberto Milán.

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cesar disse...

Roberto, I really apreciate your work, but I didn´t manage to understand your english at all. Maybe this is why the authorities aren´t understand what you wanna say.